Mini Female Apartment with Touches of Color

In just 45 square meters this mini apartment manages to capture the looks, welcoming environments in which some touches of color, women are a success. With a current interior design, in which the spaces are connected, allowing fluidity and dynamics is adapted to the urban life.

The rooms are elegant and inspiring ideas abound, are proposals that a modern aesthetic can be transferred to small spaces .

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The space is organized in a way that allows better functionality , dividing the floor into 2 distinct areas: the right of the entrance is the most intimate area, dressing room, bedroom and bathroom, while the left are the areas of day, the kitchen, dining room and living room that are developed in an open space.
The color palette is mainly Dresses for neutral colors , gray predominates and is present in the paint on the walls, some furniture and decorative accessories. A few splashes of color in the range of pink add a feminine and romantic touch to the decor, creating an attractive combination.

The laminated wooden floor in walnut color is another contribution to the warmth of the rooms, with carpets that have been distributed in several areas.

Among the solutions to maximize the space available on this floor we can mention: the use of light colors that enhance the brightness, such as this white on various surfaces, curtains of light fabrics that allow light in through the windows, and the incorporation of sliding doors, which unlike the hinged, sliding on its own rails no space remaining.

Elements that add comfort, bespoke furniture, rooms with a practical layout and color accents come together on this floor and result in a contemporary living style which is not giving the minimum square meters with that account.

Click on the image to enlarge:

Mini Female Apartment with Touches of Color


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