Organize shirts in small bedroom

Organize shirts in a small bedroom, but you can have much furniture and must logically be ironed and hand use, requires a bit more inventive and organization. As this great idea that we have found to share with you today. Shirts hanging from the ceiling gaining ground, where there is as much as we would like.

This such a great idea, you fail to hang from the ceiling, 2 thick ropes that hold what can fit in many ways. You can get a tube to curtain the same piece of wood, it is important to be resistant to withstand the weight of the shirts. And organizing shirts in this case not only practical but also attractive do not you think?

The width of what you choose to hang shirts, should give space for as many as possible but that they remain in a way that we do not see, with wrinkled shirts or is a feat look for when we go to use them. So it should also be somewhat distant from the door frame as seen in the image, so as not to obstruct the passage through the room .

1298 Organize shirts in small bedroom home design

Without spending something we like to let things showing ideas, especially now that both must care budget. And using some of our time and effort, we can take this great idea and also see us avoiding the inconvenience of not having a closet because we have no space or because at the moment we can not afford it. So many inconveniences with a practical and decorative solution.

Start the year organizing ourselves to save time often spent because we have things in hand, is something we can do from this solution for a small bedroom.

Organize shirts in small bedroom


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