Recycling of ties

In this case I propose tension them and make a great grid for this seat. This way, you can safely sit in the chair.
If you have a seat that does not go too well and you want to change it or recycle it .. now is your chance.
It’;s easier than it may seem, plus you can always innovate .. cut ties, strips and put them in the form of braids.

1317  furniture

But in this case are as is, only they intertwined. It’;s easy, staples or rivets one end of the tie on one side .. You can start by vertical lines.
After making just horizontal lines, as seen in the picture. Remember that you have to fix one end of the tie in point of the chair, then go passing above and below the ties and on.
It’;s also a good idea to take and fix the wood of the chair, if you see that you need. This is very important to sand the structure.
After well clean the furniture and apply the color that you like. You can also leave the color of the wood, though his is that you apply a varnish .. well with colored or colorless.
Let dry and then brilliantly, and you can work with. Now only do you lack some ties, different colors and with a nice texture.
While tense ties!

Recycling of ties


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