Removing tools oxide

Friends! Today you have some ideas to remove rust from tools that you have at home. Remember that many will not be spoiled, just rusty.
Sometimes these tools can be saved and so your economy by not spending on new items.
Over time, well not use or wet weather and poor maintenance .. many metal tools may oxidize.


These tools can be used for DIY, as bits or to make furniture, garden tools and many things we have at home.
In the previous article I commented as cleaning tools we have at home, such as a metal corkscrew, which is often used in the kitchen.
Today I leave a great place to find out how to remove those stains that erode trick us.
Remove rust from tools you have affected, it may be easier than we think.
For stains disappear completely, his is rubbing the affected area .. with what? with a good pad.
This pad must be aluminum and we have to moisten well with turpentine.
Once you’;ve soaked, begin rubbing the tools. Try to use gloves, as these fluids are corrosive and can damage your skin.
When you have removed some of the spots, let dry thoroughly. If you see that are left, repeats the above steps until all disappear.
You see the operation is easy and above all economic. You can retrieve faces and important tools you have.
The more it is the part affected, while we’;ll throw more rubbing .. but worth it recover.
In this way I hope that this idea will I be very useful. Another thing that I comment is that you try to retain good tools.
If you have a dry and wet, check rather not spoil much.

Removing tools oxide


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