Renew lace drawers and Paint

If you find yourself bored with the look of the drawers of your nightstand, the dresser or any other furniture in your bedroom or the rest of the box. Do not worry, today we give you a great idea to renew the drawers with lace and paint . Without having to invest much time and money you’;ll see with some furniture that will make you smile renewed pleased by your decision to renew.

To achieve this new look give the drawers of a cabinet, you will need to spray paint color that you like and combine with other furniture in your bedroom, or renew your chosen environment. In addition, a piece of lace with a design that you like flowers do you seem to renew the look of your drawers? lace has many designs and find fabric stores, many choices, so choose the one that responds to your personal taste.

1296 Renew lace drawers and Paint kitchen bath

You just have to remove the paint from the drawer, if dark because the colors used for this renewal, must be clear or pastel tones, because dark colors will look not so much. So you remove the paint you use any product for this task to be found at a hardware store or apply a generous coat of white paint background on which to base your chosen color of spray paint .

Now, we must put on the top of the drawer, as seen in the image illustrating this post, the piece of lace and apply spray paint. When we have already implemented, and carefully withdraw the lace to let the paint dry thoroughly. We will not let go long lace with paint because it can stick to the drawer.

Renew lace drawers and Paint


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