Timeless Interior Design and Art

Color, shapes and textures are combined environments is the hand of art , which are perfect pieces to create a timeless interior , and shows where each room personality traits a contemporary house.

In this room is extremely careful color scheme to achieve visual outward extension and play the color palette of the landscape.

Colors and materials intertwine including setting a harmonious reality that complements the way of understanding life in this home, from the most important elements to those that serve a purely decorative function.

Sets of furniture with simple lines, lie in different carpets, generating meeting spaces, playing games or simply admiring the scenery.
In the stone wall that houses the fireplace and also divide and suggests 2 areas of living, we can appreciate the work “Pie with stones” by the artist Mary Polityko , artwanted.com

The continuity of the light wood floors and tiles, provides the feeling of space and continuity to the different environments.

In the master bedroom, has also opted for an aesthetic based on sobriety, but that has been provided with a warm touch, and a nod of art, with the intervention of the lamp supporting bed, photography, watercolor also the above artist Mary Polityko .



Timeless Interior Design and Art


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