Versatile and Economic Accessories Decorating

Change the decor of a room can make this environment makes us feel more comfortable, more comfortable, and do not always involve incurring unreasonable charges. It is possible with very little renew and give a new look to any corner of a contemporary home .

We tell you how to achieve this innovation, saving by incorporating versatile accessories .

Frames and tables
consider these items when they go shopping, they are inexpensive accessories very useful to decorate and personalize the interior.
You can choose pieces from a wide variety of models, colors and sizes so different. Even with spray paint pictures, a partner at the time of quick and easy DIY application element will become renewed to integrate decorating a space that you want to update objects.

The frames while you already have can be improved only by removing or modifying sheets containing photos or to continue using the molding. Creating different compositions, is another way to modernize the atmosphere of any room.

Books and Magazines
Your favorite books and magazines, reading material that you treasure becomes another practical alternative and simple to decorate .

Simply collect these old books or magazines to create an array as a table in the room, or a reading nook. This proposal does not have to spend, then you can use the reading material that you have at home.

Some heavy and old printed volumes and welcoming a successful vintage touch to a shelf or a table, like a stack of magazines your décor add color and texture to the room.

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To complete some empty shelves to give up an ornament that you want to highlight, and to add more color and visual weight to a corner with books you can decorate your house, and of course, always be on hand to be read.

Versatile and Economic Accessories Decorating


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