Zaishu? Table or chair?

A simple wooden plates assembled curiously and consistently, and with original design and drawings form a decorative piece unmatched. These maxims are those that have been applied in creating Zaishu a product that comes from Australia and that can be used as a side table or stool.

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It is made with wood from a local species of pine and painted with inks and varnishes to water, either hand-printed machine, depending on the complexity of the drawing.

Each model is completely different, depending on the motives that inspire, youth, ethnic, oriental, floral, etc … In addition each plate forming estrucutura is painted with a different design.

Although coming from Australia we can purchase in European pages as Le Souk , where they have several models at a price of 269 €. You can also buy it from the official website of the product.

Zaishu? Table or chair?


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