2013 Halloween decoration door scary!

Do not be surprised that you count on decorating for Halloween because the calendar days go very fast and soon you will have to prepare for the party that is so lively and likes to young and old, so go thinking in those details that are so fond everyone. And Halloween does not have to be spending some items such as toilet paper, paper and other school can form some fun and suitable for the occasion details.
Today we discovered a fun and original way to decorate a door for Halloween, you can use to decorate the front door or the room, as the room where you go to celebrate Halloween. So you can start preparing to decorate doors that will appeal to all your guests and children will love it, plus it is easy and inexpensive, you will not have to do a great expense to create an atmosphere of Halloween.

1337 2013 Halloween decoration door scary! interior design

Keep in mind, it is best to decorate for Halloween , with accessible materials that allow us to not spend much money, and yes be original. In the picture we can admire a great idea designed for small, one of those successful creative ways we can take our inspiration for Halloween. In the same mummy to simulate the door, and we know that mums are one of the characters in the environment aided celebrations Halloween.
So let’;s get creative with white paper, we will cover the door with a bit of cardboard in black will give you the appearance of the eyes and the white area the will with 2 white paper plates. So easy you’;ll be delighted to have an idea as to when the next month begin planning your Halloween party.

2013 Halloween decoration door scary!


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