A very colorful wall

Hello friends, today I leave you with this colorful wall … I just love flower is full of vibrant colors that make this room a perfect place!
If you like strong, vibrant colors and full of energy .. Sparing no them. One thing, when it comes to decorating, is not afraid to experiment .. sometimes this is the trick.
If you’;re not afraid to experiment with strong colors, which are used or you’;ve seen in other houses .. You can achieve beautiful decorations.


The theme chosen is quite natural, I love it! the wall itself as the strongest colors like blue, fuchsia or green are located .. in other furniture is incorporated much softer shades.
The floor is wooden, clear color .. blends perfectly with the loveseat in white.
The coffee table is white and if you look, there are 2 superimposed over another slightly smaller. A great idea for a touch of sympathy to this space of our home.
The colors now come with the mencionanda wall, and the couch cushions. The legs are black color, the cushions share colors with the wall .. thus we see some in black, others oranges and reds.
The flowers have been painted on the back wall are great. On the one hand shadows of flowers emerge from the bottom, and well outlined in black color.
About this vegetation, the colors come .. well distributed over the wall, we see blue leaves, petals in good fuchsia orange or green flowers .. are ideal to compose this little mural.
I hope you like the idea as much as me!

A very colorful wall


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