Corks and numbers to decorate

Hello friends, in the space now I leave you with these corks and cardboard numbers that can be used for any event.
I find something very curious, imagine you have a birthday .. You can subject these great numbers, to speak, for a birthday.
Yes, that is typical candles and blow them ritual .. but you can also put these numbers on the table even lucky.


It’;s a nice way to recycle corks and also add color to any party.
If it’;s Christmas or new year, perhaps you can put the number of touches. You can also put letters together several corks and make a word or phrase.
If you place the cork on a good foundation, you can decorate an entire surface .. with anything you want. A romantic phrase, a name, a date or whatever you want.
Just gather as many corks as you need. the latter can paint if you like or leave them in their original color.
To make the numbers you can use many different materials. One is the colored construction paper, you just have to make some holes in circles or stars, as seen in the picture.
Also you can make cardboard, but you will have to paint the color you like.
Another idea is to make the numbers using a material called rubber craft Eva, we’;ve been ever the same.
The eva rubber is flexible and very easy to cut, is squishy and can get in many different colors.
Just cut the numbers in the material you want and fix the cork.
This is very simple, just to make a small cut in one end of the cork. This can be done with a cutter.
Now you just have to put the numbers in place.

Corks and numbers to decorate


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