Decorate the fridge with Stickers

I love the vinyl to decorate, you can find them at very competitive prices in the market .. all depend on the size you want.
Remember that you can also buy ordering the size and design you want .. is easy, you only have to ask there are many online stores that handle them.

1334 Decorate the fridge with Stickers interior design

Decorating a kitchen is not so complicated, sometimes the simplest things can create a pleasant environment.
This time is a home with small children, so this type of decoration is perfect for them. If you want to add a different touch to your home, you can always use the stickers.
I think it is also the most convenient for when you’;re tired vinyl all you have to do is remove it. For well off and do not leave marks, you only have to add a soapy and ready solution.
Thus, with stickers, they can give you like decorating your home. In this case on a kitchen they have a cute little kitty with your sandwich.
As the fridge is light blue color and it also gives cosmetizado aspect, the stickers in black highlighted much.
You can choose from a wide variety of designs available, if you do not like cats .. maybe dogs or birds are a great choice.
When you put it .. You can also add some decorative magnets .. in this case we see some colorful letters to complete.
These magnets, will also help you to save notes or drawings that make our children.
I hope you like the idea, as much as me! With a simple sticker, look at that great decoration has been achieved.

Decorate the fridge with Stickers


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