Decorate with wine corks

Hello friends, in the space now I leave you with this decoration with wine corks. Sometimes I have spoken to use these items to make things at home.
The most unexpected objects, in many cases, are the most recyclable. This time we will transform them in beautiful centerpieces.
You can also utilzarlos to decorate other surfaces, a shelf, a side table or put them where you like.


If you have glass jars will be perfect .. and that theirs is the corks look good.
Now, take as many corks as will fit on selected packages. Here you have 2 options, one is you let them as they are .. or paint.
The latter option can be very striking, depending on the environment you want to get.
Choose one, 2 or more colors and ready .. You can even leave some unpainted .. integrating them into the decor.
When the corks are dry, you only have to enter them randomly inside the bottles and go! Looking for a nice place to put them and beautify your spaces instead.
One idea that comes to mind is to tie a string or ribbon rustic color you like .. around the mouth of the bottle .. this will give a great touch.
Another idea that comes to ely is that it is not necessary to decorate a surface, can also suspend them in the air.
With a rope or something similar, around the mouth of the bottle with the cork inside. Then tie a knot and hang in a corner or on the terrace .. It will be spectacular.
This idea is great because it can not be cheaper. If at home have some corks glass bottles, remember not to throw .. because you can decorate with them.
I hope this idea will serve you for your future plans!

Decorate with wine corks


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