Decorate your table in white and red

It is a perfect way to give to our table the absolute role in the meetings. if you have a dinner, a special appointment .. if you have any event, I think this idea is good enough to carry it out.
Besides being difficult to make, is very striking .. because red color is what you have. You can also choose to decorate your table romantically with this color combination.

1343 Decorate your table in white and red home design

As you see the main protagonist, as it is where the eyes are going .. look around the table .. It is red.
You can view different elements of the image .. one hand napkins are in this color. Carefully wrapped and tied with a ribbon, which is written the name of the diner and is further decorated with a bird.
The napkins have been put on dinner plates in white color .. to stand out more.
The centerpiece is splendid, called a lot of attention! you see is a white base color .. and give more contrarste.
On this vessel, have been placed many carnations, as many as you can. Of course, you can also change the type of flower you want.
Finally, this bowl with these beautiful flowers, it has put a large loop sharing the color of the flowers.
A table details care, which can be used both in private meetings and large events.
The table is in white .. a great idea to give more contrast and the red stand out even more.
Finally a little detached sharing the theme of birds, it has been under the flowers.
With very light green background, gives a touch of naturalness.

Decorate your table in white and red


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