Decorating a romantic style bathroom

We all know the romantic style of decoration , which uses furniture stylish and classic look and colors in pastel hues leaning toward pink, blue and purple. And of course we all love. For some it be confused between this and the shabby chic but they are 2 different styles, both beautiful, but what you suggest today is a romantic bathroom decor , perfect for those who opt to have the ideal home stays.
Keep in mind that this romantic bathroom decor requires space. So you have to have a spacious bathroom to take full advantage, to clean, to keep the perfect decoration to show off all the details. So if you have a large bathroom you’;re not taking enough time to decorate is that every inch is brilliant and clear, be perfect in comfort as in attractive.


These baths remind the imperial baths of the European courts in 1800 when special emphasis was that the bathrooms were very comfortable and elegant stay. This is a bath for hygiene activities but also relaxing but moving away from the somewhat minimalist bathrooms today are worn inside the spa bath concept for home. A retro bathroom with a tub, a canopy with beautiful draperies. A small armchair and carpet match the rest of set.
The vanity and mirror slightly reminiscent of styles such as Baroque, and the walls have been embellished with some detail that looks perfect. So romantic bathroom decor, this room can become one of the most admired areas of your home. No need to complicate a lot, everything is in the furniture and in the choice of color.

Decorating a romantic style bathroom


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