Decorating the walls with skateboards

Another idea is to get hold of a piece of wood, serrarla to our liking and then paint. You can give it a shape that appears to have been a table.
If you like the sport or something similar and you have tables that are broken, you can use them to decorate the walls!

1338 Decorating the walls with skateboards home design

Today I present several models, this way I get some inspiration for these projects.
Sure at home have any empty wall, you want to renew your decor or want to decorate your favorite corner.
I think this idea is fantastic to give a completely original to the walls of the house style. Practice, in addition to tables or reuse some pieces of wood that we saved.
Maybe you’;ve recently done some work at home and your spare planks, before disposing of them can fetch many functions.
One of these functions is to decorate walls, but also can put on the floor supported. If you place it on the wall, try adding a stronger hook .. especially if the table weighs.
The drawing you put your, today I leave a great selection that will help us to make the art within.
As you can see there are all types of designs, faces, masks, dolls, people, skeletons, monsters.
Choose the topic that you like and add it to your home decor. These tables can decorate both the living room as a sitting room or bedroom.
If you have children, the tables become a very useful decorative item to adorn the small space.
As you see any of these tables, is in its original state. They have been worked, and filing down a bit serrándolas to round the edges and make them straight.

Decorating the walls with skateboards


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