How to paint striped walls

Hello everyone, today I leave this space a few tips to learn how to paint any room stripes.
If you like stripes, try to see how they look in your favorite spots. Choose how you want to be .. notes that they may be thicker, thinner .. them horizontally or vertically.
Make stripes on the wall, it is not easy .. to understand that we have to go straight to work on it and have proper tools for it. Otherwise the drawing twisted and will not be very good finish.

1327 How to paint striped walls home design

But on the other hand is easier than you think and with a little tact and patience can create stays as beautiful.
It is important to know what colors queires put, if 2 or more colors. Remember it is not good hues saturate stays .. but if you know to handle them, will be great.
If you decide to put many colors on the wall, try placing furniture in one color and that is clear. The soil should also be of a single color.
If you like stripes only 2 colors, there are great combinations like gray and white or gray and pale pink.
Black and white or red white and .. there are many, a nice green or blue color will be perfect.
To make the stripes, just have to draw it very gently on the wall. To do this you will need the help of a leveler and a ruler.
Carefully tracing all stripes see you need, first draw a insulator and then put it on tape. Remember that it will serve to not strain the paint where you do not want painted.
With tape you can afford to make the lines! Keep going until you have filled the wall and then paints the gaps!

How to paint striped walls


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