Natural themed children’s bedroom

If you look at the picture you check the material used is wood basically. A noble material that provides comfort and adds warmth to the room.
I see a nice and different to all other decoration. If you have one or more children and you find yourself needing to renew bedroom decoration .. is a good idea to take the option of choosing a topic.


It’;s good to choose a topic that appeals to your children, but usually are the characters of movies, series, or games you have.
But you can innovate a little and propose a natural change. A fun, different and great room.
As you see the headboard is a kind of house, with pitched roof. Also becomes a great game when you have to cross through the magnificent bridge.
The said bridge is made with wooden boards and well knotted ropes, not to disarm and provide stability.
The bed in green colore, blends perfectly with the wall decor. Just paint a tree, you can do with a little paint and some photographs to guide you.
Also see the other wall drawn 3 tables, simulating wood, where there is a big sign. You can put whatever you want .. rules, names, dates .. etc.
The desk is convenient for your child to do homework and study. This places a wooden desk or table acting as such.
Add a cofortable chair, also in wood and ready. Finally you can put a small rug that can be on the ground without taking cold in the winter months.
As a fairly successful decor look, perfect for the kids .. especially when they have to share the place of sleep, and study the game.

Natural themed children’s bedroom


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