Organize your desktop with a cage

For some time we can see how the cages adorn and decorate surfaces and ceilings, walls and also not exactly with birds.
Inside you can introduce many things, so many as you want and you like. If you love plants, is an idea put as centerpiece. Place the pot inside and also places some flowers that you like.


This time we go a step further and in addition to being a decorative set, surrounded by a cage of light color, we also becomes an object to another function.
In this case the new feature is to organize the desktop as a form of direct. Great idea to keep those things usually have to be made as notebooks, books, paper, pens.
As you can see the cage is open on one side so you can have easy access to its interior. Besides, it is full of all kinds of notebooks and folders .. as normal as you can have on your desktop.
As we see the cages are transformed, this time in a storage space. This new space will help us to have a desk or study much more organized.
If you looking for an idea to sort and also decorate your home .. this cage gives that point you need.
A great idea that will help us recycle those old cages it. If you ever had a bird, today is the day to take advantage of his cage.
It is easy, affordable and different .. that is what many of us look in decorating. I hope you like this idea as much as me and that you provide some inspiration.

Organize your desktop with a cage


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