Reuse Windows for Decorating

Improve the decor of a room depends not only on adding new objects or carry out works to stay, we can also get interesting effects with what we already have at home. That’;s why today we propose to maximize old objects to print style and personality to any corner.

This time the walls are yu other surfaces indicated to include a refreshing nod, this requires recycle and decorate .

The carpenters that are left over from work, or some old windows you have found any trace or flea market and bought that for some reason, today we could give them a new use and include a room. To begin, choose windows or frames and hang them on the walls as a way to add character.

1340 Reuse Windows for Decorating home design

In the first picture a couple of window frames , retain the natural look featuring wood with its worn paint. Without glasses, this pair of frames hung on one wall of a room and become a focal point.

Since these frames with stripped wood effect, which allows the decorative paper is to highlight them, creating an interesting and delicate background.

The second proposal is a simple paneled sash, which is received in a salon as an element of this interior decoration is integrated. For this new application has been incorporated a mirror, a detail that is further enhanced by the presence of the grid would outline form.

Some old windows can become decorative pieces in any room, with a little DIY and good ideas can transform an unused item into something useful and creative flair.

243 Reuse Windows for Decorating home design

Reuse Windows for Decorating


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