Beautiful wreath made of glasses

According invest few vessels in the task, and will more or less long garland. Such ornaments are perfect for adding a touch of cheer to any room in the house.
In this case you’;ll have a beautiful lights, although the picture are off .. I assure you is beautiful.

1349 Beautiful wreath made of glasses home design

But you can make your own ornament with colors and shapes that you like, so long and big you want it .. and above all, for the spaces you need.
You may need to perform certain events or meetings in your home, if so .. this is a great way to add color to the space and a touch of festivity.
Making a garland like this is very simple, we only take a few minutes and the result is great.
We will also be learning to recycle the plastic cups or cardboard leftover … is important to have this concept in your head and use it more.
The first vessel is washed thoroughly and let dry .. in this way we can work with them.
These vessels act as small pockets where the interior is full of small lights.
These lights may be the Christmas, yes .. those that hang on the tree and around the house.
You can put lights in various colors or single color … like the glasses. You can get glasses with different colors of the same color or more .. according to your aesthetic needs.
With a rope, some holes and some pretty lights, just have to put together and you will see all that is beautiful.
Decorate the terrace, balcony or a room will be nothing complicated with this simple article.

Beautiful wreath made of glasses


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