Caring for wood floors

Both love me, each offering similar and different things at the same time. But both floors need some maintenance.
So today I leave to perform some simple tricks for cleaning floors of this type.

1360 Caring for wood floors furniture

Wood expands in summer with heat and shrinks in winter. It is essential to have a good baseboard so that resizing tables are not out of the sockets and the breaking of these charges.
In the same way we clean the marble with a suitable clean soil, we must apply a coat of wax to the park at least once a week.
But too much wax can make the original color of the wood is lost. A shine for dmadera soil is most recommended to remove excess.
For daily cleaning you can use a solution of water and a little vinegar, and slightly wet mop to make some passes. Although you can also use the classic furniture polish product.
Sprayed on the ground, and then pass the mop. All this, obviously, after the potential sweep or vacuum any dust and lint.
If you notice small scratches on the wood, there is a trick you can use, and is painting the area with a felt-tip pen or graphic design, the color of the wood.
If the scratch was significant, no other places to sand and re-varnish it, taking care to make it uniform and integrated into the rest of the parquet.
If you notice a lump, bun or the like, you can recover you apply a little water to moisten the wood and dilate, and when it recovers the original form, apply heat to evaporate.
No matter how good the wood, after about 6 or 8 years will lose its natural shine. It’;s time to work it with a good session of sanding and varnishing.

Caring for wood floors


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