Clean and protect your parquet

Remember this and floating floors are materials that will last a long time if you learn to keep.
It’;s easy to do, just to know a little about this subject and know what we should take our parquet to last much longer.

1353 Clean and protect your parquet interior design

We are going to give some advice to protect and clean the wooden floors and natural wood parquet.
Remember it is very important to note, when protecting laminate flooring and parquet, some tips like these:
At the entrance to the room, you can put a doormat in this way is very easy to keep the wood free residuios, cleansing shoes or footwear that we carry.
Try to make a habit to go barefoot in places where it parquet. This will avoid walking with the shoes are wet from the street or on the ground.
If you’;re worried they will not scratch the furniture stage, you can put guards on the legs of the same to avoid scratching the floor.
Something important to clean the laminate flooring or parquet, is to use a mop .. This article gives a lot of shine ..
If the flooring or parquet, gets dirty with some stain anything it will be removed with a damp cloth, making it as soon as possible though. One can also occasionally wash
It is very important to note that when going to mop the floor, wring the mop well .. since this type of material does not take a lot of water.
Finally you have also in mind that you should not use wax … very often ..
With these tips I hope that your wooden floors are maintained long.

Clean and protect your parquet


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