Clean walls

Yes, because they also get dirty just like you make furniture, flooring or other items from home.
The walls are stained by many things, either by the passage of time and the dust .. accidental stains well because the paint

1351 Clean walls interior design

For example, using a washable paint, has its advantages, as you can maintain the good looks for much longer without having to add a fresh coat of paint, which helps us to save time and money.
Remember to clean the walls no harmful products are used or could damage our furniture.
Basics to maintain our clean walls, is to practice work cleaning periodically.
Do not miss a long time between cleanings, so that dust and other impurities on the surface afinquen.
But if you have a stain that you did not have, you can clean it by placing a quantity of liquid soap or a mild cleanser on the surface, using a cloth or sponge, so that the paint is not abused.
To remove oil stains, simply will apply some warm water with a little dishwashing liquid or detergent.
In case you have stains caused by furniture, if you pass a draft on the area, it is to be perfect. Avoid products with lots of alcohol, as these can lighten the color of the paint or to remove it.
With these tips will keep your free of stains, dust and other impurities walls.
If looking for some information or advice about this topic, I hope I have helped it.

Clean walls


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