Colorful Japanese Cuisine

What we see in the photograph, is a place full of sparkle, color and shapes that get along in a perfect whole.
Remember that the kitchen is a place where we spend time each day, either preparing food, dinner, breakfast .

1365 Colorful Japanese Cuisine furniture

If it is a place where you spend time each day, sure you’;ll love it comfortable and above all practical.
In this kitchen will no details or colors .. especially for those people who want to give a touch of joy to their homes.
This kitchen does not go unnoticed, as it has almost all colroes rainbow ..
A central island makes cooking much more practice is all you need as a darker chocolate color. This is the turning point for the room does not become too saturated.
The cabinets are of different colors, some can find them in the fridge ..
As you can see there are some in blue, one in orange and green too! The bell was purchased in green color, but different shades.
Also the rest of the roof, which accompanies the bell goes in a beautiful dark red color .. here are some guided luminaires.
The floor is in white .. colors so perfectly reflected. This floor and wall goes in line with the table also painted white.
The chairs are all colors and combine with the rest of the decor. You see it is easy to achieve the color of the kitchen.
Last but not least .. are stoks .. These Venetian blinds are the most beautiful .. as each goes in a different color ..
They play almost every club, from blue, red, orange, green, purple or orange .. Ideal for innovation in your home.

Colorful Japanese Cuisine


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