Decorate glasses rustic way

Honestly are as simple to decorate and you can do so at any time. Today I leave these glasses since I seem an easy and inexpensive way to decorate.
You can bring them to the table on special occasions like dinner .. Perfect for adding a few flowers in or seeds of some sort.

1356 Decorate glasses rustic way furniture

These glasses can be used on special occasions, as well as very easy to do .. You can spend an afternoon making a few of them for each diner.
It’;s as easy as collecting as many glasses as you want to decorate, some silicone, rope clamps, a piece of cloth and 2 buttons or ornaments.
You may have all these items in the house, as they are easy to find. First you have to clean the glass of dust or impurities.
Then cut a piece of fabric, sewn or fixed buttons as you like more to it. This fabric will be rectangular, long way as you like.
Now take one end of this piece of rough cloth, and adheres to the glass with silicone. Remember to start at the base of the vessel.
Now on the canvas, leaving a free end, looks rustic winding rope. Each section adds a bead of silicone and then the rope on it.
Press until paste and still working .. remember well the rope to tighten the assembly is not undone.
When you’;re done, you’;ve just cut the rope .. fix the glass and the rectangle of fabric that stick to the principle, you have to set the end he has left.
This you can also do with a bit of silicone and go! As a simpler look can not be added to this motif in the lower part of the glass and go up to whatever you want.

Decorate glasses rustic way


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