Decorate vases with rope

For environments with certain natural or rustic touch, today I invite you to create these magnificent vases using rope.
It may be a rope of different thickness, different color, more or less rustic … but be careful not too bad, but it will break down soon and will not last over time.

1363 Decorate vases with rope home design

Decorate with rope is something I particularly love … in fact I have a few things as well as I did to handle an old maid.
If you fancy vases you renew, sure you will love this idea and already have more but to point to the list of techniques or materials to decorate.
This time the main character is the rope by simply draping her an old vase.
I commented that it is a practical way to decorate cups, also for use with flowers .. or any other type of item you want.
Also the rope allows you to make many types of decorations as you can braid, you can unravel, can be dyed … etc. ..
You can also cover more or less the vase you are going to use … in this case it is quite covered.
Simply choose the vase that you want, which can be of any material. Then have at hand a piece of string, style and color you want.
Then you just have to make with a glue gun and go. Now given a glue points on the base of the jar and the rope threading seen.
For each section, see adding a bead of silicone and then attaches the rope. Go carefully doing this until the whole vase.
Then let it dry well and ready .. you see is a quick, easy and inexpensive idea. Hope you like it.

Decorate vases with rope


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