Decorating outdoor spaces

Now, during the warm months I think it’;s a great idea to take advantage of our outdoor spaces.
Sometimes, it is true that we have no good places to decorate .. perhaps because the site is quite degraded and can not adecentarlo shortly.

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You may not have money to decorate the room, and particularly as we think we can not do anything with it.
Far from this thought, today I propose decorate a space .. that you need a good coat of paint and clean it up a bit .. with little money.
As you see that counts in this composition are natural, economic and no painting elements.
The wall is dilapidated and lacks a fix … but you can not simply joins the rest of the decor.
Yes, 2 elements shaped letter accompanying the bricks … with dark colors make this place a little more cozy.
An old chair, serves as a side table .. where a pot and some things make up the whole.
As I said before, the paint is not hard .. within this type of decoration. As the chair, do not have any kind of arrangement.
The cushions are sacking! What a thing! Very easy to do, just have to fill in anything you want and not be expensive ..
You can make several of these and put cushions on the seat pallet you see in the image.
Remember that the pallets can be manufactured much .. as a beautiful seat suspended in the air. One need some nails and a hammer.
With ropes, you can hook the seat of the roof and ready .. a perfect place to rest.
Finally the yellow lamp gives a very nice site and touch the ground, blends perfectly with the rest of the lawn beneath the seat.

Decorating outdoor spaces


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