Gardens murals decorate with nature

Having a garden is an alternative that few can enjoy today, because of the smaller amount of space than is enjoyed in homes and apartments. But if you have a for small garden to be, you can take one of the new murals gardens. A lovely way to create an environment of greenery and colorful in the garden or a space suit to it and this may result in an easier way to recreate a garden.
There are vertical gardens of which we’;ve already suggested some sopciones in another post, and there are murals gardens. The difference is that vertical gardens are usually small units in pots or other elements that make up an environment of plants while the mural garden looking cover an entire wall using plants that are known as climber and posed much colorful and beautiful to decorate.

1350 Gardens murals decorate with nature furniture

As can be seen in the picture, make a garden mural to decorate the house, is that you can customize lake full. In this case, we have chosen a wall in a garage or an interior patio and has worked for a variety of greens and other colorful species reproduce to form a picture of nature that increases the attractiveness of the environment where it is placed.
Like any garden concept, it requires care garden mural. You have to choose the right plants, not worth using very delicate plants that could be damaged by the way credimiento of these gardens and we must seize plants that are easy care so that the garden wall is very striking and long lasting with your care time. So let’;s get to work you can also have a nice garden wall at home.

Gardens murals decorate with nature


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