Hall of straight lines

Everything looks straight lines contains .. such as wall cladding, in a nice white color vertical lines.
These lines make the ceiling seem higher, it is an advantage for spaces with low ceilings.

1364 Hall of straight lines interior design

As you see in this room red color, is the star .. to give that contrast is sought in a white room.
The picture is perfect, because it contains all the colors that are in the room .. more blue and green that make it perfect for decorating.
The picture is the point of care, we will see the focal point or draw attention as we enter the room.
Further background lamp in white with black spots .. is the perfect complement for a touch more modern space.
The chairs, all wide loveseat .. comfortable and well .. They are a beautiful ideal to combine with the rest blank red color.
The table is white, placed right in the center. A small coffee table with fine lines and perfect to have tea and sit and chat with friends and family lines.
The carpet is my least favorite of the whole, will be the key .. I think I could have a nice black or white.
Like all space, is good to have side tables .. in this, for example, you see 2 .. a central part, on both sides of one of the sofa.
These tables are straight and simple, ideal for minimalist styles. Easy to clean and practical, which can be placed as beautiful accessories like vases in red.
As you see straight lines decorate spaces is perfect for minimalist and modern style.

Hall of straight lines


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