Modern bathroom

2 things that have really caught my attention, this particular bathroom. One is how to aprovchar light and space.
Moreover, the combination of modern furniture with some natural elements, fascinates me.

1355 Modern bathroom home design

And the bathroom should be a place where you can relax, take a bath, take a shower, take some time to freshen up quietly.
This time we see a rather large place, is not like other smaller bathrooms .. but it really looks even bigger by the hues used and light.
Natural lighting is a wonderful thing, if you do not let them escape windows. This time it is a large window with a wonderful view. A white curtain serves as protection for the most intimate moments.
Also have really put a pouf as comfortable, also in white. Stuck on the wall is the sink cabinet and mirror.
Both are in vibrant color, like shelves and small cabinet that is on the white wall.
The ceiling, walls and floor are also perfect for this super reflect any natural light color.
But what I love is the stone wall that we see on the left. The coating covers the entire wall and goes on a light gray .. very naturally brings to space.
This wall blends perfectly with the carpet is on the floor. The special fabric for the bathroom, seems to form the leaves of trees in gray.
Another poof, right in the center of the carpet, gives the finishing touch to this beautiful bathroom in white, gray and green.

Modern bathroom


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