Vase decorated with popsicle sticks

Now in summer, there are many of us who eat ice cream .. and what is usually done with wood stick? normally throw.
Well today we are going to recycle and not to make a box or a small house for our children to play .. Today we will give a different touch to a vase.

1357 Vase decorated with popsicle sticks home design

Who says vases, says a large glass .. You can be the basis you want, as long as it is not transparent. Think that will place the sticks inside .. therefore it needs to be of a transparent material.
This time the sticks are not the hardest, but those whose wood is softer and other surfaces can adhere easily.
Theirs is you do not have to cut any stick, to prevent chipping and stay ugly .. but if you have to cut it, do it carefully.
This time you will only need a base that can be plastic or glass and the way that you like.
Also need some ice cream sticks and some silicone pieces are set into the glass.
It is important to pulse and patience, help yourself to some instrument such as tweezers and the like for holding chopsticks and take them wherever you need inside the vase.
With patience, adds a bit of silicone on each stick and then we found him at the bottom of the vase … sometimes it is not necessary nor set these sticks .. can go as introducing and giving them the way you want.
With the weight and being squeezed, with other sticks, silicone is not necessary .. only when you want it to last longer and not run the risk of moving wood.
Go placing sticks as you like, these seem a small spiral upward. Finally add some beautiful flowers!

Vase decorated with popsicle sticks


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