Decorate coffee table

Normally, in the classroom, we usually put small coffee tables .. there are many, many different ways, from many different materials and in addition to all the colors you can imagine.
Today we see a table in a nice dark color, plus 2 surfaces .. cause they can achieve very interesting combinations and sets.

39 Decorate coffee table furniture

Its straight forms also make it ideal for environments and minimalist styles. If you have a table like this idea for decorating is interesting.
In an interesting twist, the decor does not bother when putting a coffee or drink.
As is simple, you can put aside .. as seen in the picture .. or remove items at a time, and do them later.
This time the chosen vase has some irregular shapes .. is glass and the green color is beautiful with the light coming through the window.
As we see there are only a vase on the table, his spectacular form makes it the main character … without the need to put flowers or other things.
The first tray of the table contains a single article, handy for when cleaning. Yes, try to be spectacular.
Then in the bottom tray .. this time have been placed some great books. As you see there are not many .. so also do more practical cleaning.
In total there are 5 books, you can even put you’;re currently reading and find a free minute to finish it at home on the couch.
On one of the books a small ashtray or a figure that is the same color and material as the vase ..

Decorate coffee table


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