Decorate the table with glass bottles

As I have said on many occasions, glass bottles are items that have easy recycling decor.
Like plastic, with glass we can do many things .. and if you can not think, take a look.
This table, wood and a dark color, has been renovated. The objective is to change the surface to look like something different.

1377  interior design

1378  interior design

This time the protagonists are glass bottles, if you can do your home also in one of your surfaces.
One idea is to cut the bottle to stay only with the base of it .. the rest of the green container!
However, to perform these activities remember that a glass cutter and also the corresponding methods as gloves and eye protection is required .. not want accidents.
Cut as many bases bottles as will fit on the surface of the table. One idea is to put all the bottles, before cutting on the surface … note the number that fit and then proceeds to cut.
Then you just have to attach the base to the surface of the table and ready. Finally, you can use it to clean and smooth, add a glass.
As you see the result is great and well recycle a portion of the bottle of soda or other drink you want.
The bottles have a standard, ie you can choose some larger and some smaller. This way you will be creating a very dynamic design.
On the other hand you can also choose from several colors and different sizes or mimas .. you’;ll see that you are well.
It’;s simple renew a table, plus if you can recycle items that you have at home even better.

Decorate the table with glass bottles


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