DIY a pot holder with metal

Great ideas and there are many, and you can use them to decorate the house and clear recycle what no longer serves but still has one last utility. Today we suggest one candleholder made ​​of a pot metal. effect When you need a small pot, those who usually stay when we bought canned foods and you know, we always have more than one at home. So turn it into a detail decorative .
In this case take advantage as we said just a metal can, and for this we will need a hammer and nail with which as seen in one of the images of the upper sequence, do the same holes. Taking care than large holes but rather several small and scattered holes are what will give attractive look to this a recycled pot holders .
Brainer complicated or detailed, but it and place it in a place with a candle, the better if you use it in a night at home where their simplicity and originality impose much appeal to stay in the shadows and light a detail like this done for yourself contributes to your decor , without costing almost nothing, because everything is at your fingertips at home.

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DIY a pot holder with metal


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