Keychains easy corks

Corks proved until a short time ago, something useful to uncover the bottle and then discarded without further. Today we know that serve many crafts with corks, which are useful objects at home. And today we’;ll concentrate on that, some nice keychains that are always useful for everyone and so easy to achieve with only leverage all these corks you’;ve relegated to a corner not knowing what to do with them.
In this picture we can see how great they look the keychains with corks , they have only been cleaned thoroughly and have been placed the metal part that serves to place the keys. If you look closely they do not want more than a few minutes and a minimum of effort to achieve. Imagine how much you can do with all that we are keeping corks sure to find use for them and you can give all home to carry your keys and not lose them.

1374 Keychains easy corks home design

These crafts with cork, corks can leverage that are very useful and we know that cork is the bark of the cork produced in large scale in Spain and Portugal and being a natural is a shame to discard the cork is especially high and has a long useful life. In addition to an everyday keychain and too usual nothing like something prepared for yourself and also is recycled, a trend that is increasing every day.
So let’;s get to work and take advantage of the corks to make them more attractive using our keychains with cork and clear organizing box house keys, making it easier to find our when we seem misplaced and always being consistent with planet in our space, we like to remind the great value of recycling to avoid unnecessary waste in a world saturated with them.

Keychains easy corks


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