Kitchen in white 2014

Decorating in this color has many advantages, especially for small spaces. Its properties give more light to the scene, make the stay of a few square meters look bigger.
Also, if your kitchen is rather poor or dismal natural light, it is good to take advantage of low light you have.

Conversely, if you have a space where there is plenty of natural light, white reflects all this making it look a little unreal.
In the picture that I leave, we see a very good use of space. Everything’;s in white, except for some decorations or rather gray steel.

1368 Kitchen in white 2014 interior design

Lots of countertop, so leave enough space to put dishes, cookware and cooking food to go.
Painted white, the other company makes furniture .. where you can also see the bell on white.
The wall goes with a great film coatings, which has been used to put things with small shelves.
The reason they seem rather hooked and there is a lack of shelves is because they are glass.
Perfect to combine with painted or coated in white kitchens material. In addition the center island is perfect for cooking, while the utility remains behind.
The islands in the kitchens are most practices, this appears eg some stools .. also trimmed in white and gray.
These stools are perfect for breakfast in the morning, drink coffee or talk to the cook.
Finally we have tried to add a few plants that give enough contrast to the whole. Hope you like it.

Kitchen in white 2014


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