Surface decorated table with tapas

Hello friends, today I leave you with this picture of a decorated plates with lids or Soft Drinks surface.
This morning I loved sharing with you all the renewed image of a table from the base glass bottles.
A very interesting article to recycle, with expectations of a nice aesthetic. So tonight I leave you with another thing you can bottle itself recycled.

1375 Surface decorated table with tapas home design

Caps, plugs or plates are ideal to decorate many things … both furniture, in this case, as supplements or even make a beautiful mural on the wall.
This time on the image rectangular table shows, whose foot is wood .. a beautiful combination.
As you see the covers are not randomly arranged, but follow a line, a design pattern .. whatever you call it.
This design is truly beautiful, consisting of curved lines .. whose rows are the same color and are interspersed by each.
Thus we see caps of different colors like a nice blue, green, red .. enriching the decoration.
It’;s easy to do, more than you think .. invents a drawing .. you can do it first on a piece of paper.
Take the measurements of the table and then we scaled drawing with pencil on a sheet. Then you have to just take this picture to the table.
You can trace it as you want, for example using a black marker. When you’;re convinced of the design you want .. starts to stick plates
You can help silicone or a powerful fixer .. which make it are fixed quickly and remain perfect.
It’;s a job where patience is a valued quality .. see sticking patiently following the layout drawing, each sheet and change the color anytime.

Surface decorated table with tapas


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