Wooden Pencil

Hello dear friends, today I leave you with these great pencil srealizados wood.
I liked, is because they are wood or perhaps those fantastic colors which decorated.
It can also be by his court as speciesL, a very original way to make a pencil holder.

1379 Wooden Pencil kitchen bath

I love wood as a material for decoration and work with, so today I leave you with these 3 containers.
Each of them are painted in a completely different way .. well there is one in black with touches of white.
Another one looks like the shell of a ladybug because it is red and will also have some points in black color.
Finally, the following is a nice green color .. with different shades, including yellow, which looks like a small sun.
All the wood have been cut somewhat obliquely like wedges, but with a thicker border and not as fine.
Just take a piece of wood and mark with pencil and ruler, a straight where you cut.
Then with a saw and gloves, you just have to cut the excess. The next step is to make a few points where you want to make the holes.
Now take the drill and make as many holes as you want, then fine sandpaper entire structure.
When you have removed the remains of sawdust .. you just paint the wood color you want. Give as many layers as you need, but remember to dry in between.
It’;s simple to do, you can make as many as you want and also get spectacular to organize all the pens and pencils.
One way to decorate your desk or workbench and also coloring material using a natural.
If you have some wood, you know how you can take it!

Wooden Pencil


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